this tariff is suitable for you if you only need a logo without stylistics for further promotion of the brand to your clients
from $200
  • brief
  • 2-3 logo variations
  • selection of color palette
  • unlimited edits within one concept
  • black&white version of the logo
  • presentation of concept with visualization
  • logo in all necessary formats (ai, svg, pdf, jpeg, png)


choosing this tariff, you'll have a ready package for your business including a logo and all the necessary styles for a convenient presentation of you to customers
from $350
  • analysis of goods / services / competitors
  • brand development and positioning
  • 3-5 logo variations
  • unlimited edits within one concept
  • selection of color palette
  • selection of additional fonts
  • black&white version of the logo
  • presentation concept with visualization
  • logobook with instructions for logo using
  • logo in all necessary formats
    (ai, svg, pdf, jpeg, png)


With clear rules and instructions, you will be able to convey to customers the meaningful link of your logo as accurately as possible.

Without instructions, inventing something new every time, changing fonts, colors and borders, you, thus, blur the recognizability of your logo and get lost in the millions of brands

Corporate identity is a brand through various forms of communication, namely:

  • logotype

  • colors

  • type

  • building exterior and interior design

  • appearance of products and packaging

  • graphic design of advertising materials (business cards, leaflets, brochures, catalogs)

  • printing (envelopes, forms, folders)

  • vehicles (car branding)

  • fair decor

  • clothes, etc


1. Filling the brief

You will need to answer a few questions about your company to better understand the nature and character of your brand.

2. Analysis and design of the logo

Then I analyze the market, area, select images, associations, forms, fonts and in 3-5 days I give you options

3. Implementation of the concept and selection of options

At this stage, we will discuss logo options. You choose one version and I bring it to perfection, make changes if necessary

4. Transfer of the logo

After final approval, I prepare logo files in all necessary formats and send them to you by mail



The cost of creating slides includes the development of the concept, structure, inscription of the presentation plan,

development of 2-4 variants of the design concept and unlimited changes to the project.


$10-15 per slide
  • PDF (16:9) – for sending by e-mail
  • A4 (16:9) – for printing
  • AI – vector source files

POWER POINT + PDF presentation

$15-20 per slide
  • PDF (16:9) – for sending by e-mail
  • A4 (16:9) – for printing
  • AI – vector source files
  • PowerPoint slides (editable file)
  • Animation, transitions, audio, video

The price is for the initial cost of the slide. This is the case if all the information is available and the designer is removed only by the logical arrangement of slides and the selection of design.

What else can further increase the price?

  • Processing of 1 image or photo – $5-10

  • Complex infographics – calculated individually

  • Conversion of the presentation into video – $20

  • Additional language version of the presentation – $10 / slide

The cost is calculated in advance of the work. You will always know exactly what to expect. Each slide is calculated separately, depending on the complexity.